About Us

Makers Ink is based in Melbourne, Australia, arguably the world's most liveable, and loveable, city. We create contemporary, minimalist and bold art prints for home, office and kids spaces.

Meet Rebecca - the "Maker" behind Makers Ink:

I am a designer, mum, minimalist, music enthusiast, annoying-spelling-pedant, wine drinker, potato fanatic, roller skater, arts lover, ironing-avoider, rude girl (look it up, it's not what you think!), perfectionist and a most excellent & loyal friend. I will die if you find a spelling mistake on this site.

 Random facts about me:

  • I have a degree in film-making and a post-graduate degree in Business, and I'm really enjoying the opportunity to flex both sides of my brain with Makers Ink!
  • I adore Scandinavian and mid-century design, and contemporary, industrial and minimalist interiors.
  • I live in skinny jeans, stripey t-shirts (one can never have too many) and Converse sneakers. Occasional polka dots. Strictly black, white, grey & navy.
  • I am also a singer, pianist and passionate fan of all music, especially 2-Tone ska!
Stay in Touch:

We LOVE hearing from our customers, and get super excited when we see how our art prints look in your homes. Feel free to tag us galore on social media.

We enjoy collaborating with other like-minded people & creative businesses, and welcome any opportunity for a chat.

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Email: hello@makersink.com.au

All prints are designed in-house, and any third party content is used under license from the respective copyright owners.